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Our guarantee program gives you peace of mind that you are getting the very best language learning experience out there. Optimus promises you that your success is our primary goal, and we guarantee that you will see that reflected in the progress you make here. We are so confident in our program that we will give you one FREE quarter of instruction if you have not met the language proficiency standards after one year of studying at Optimus. This guarantee is one that other schools are unable to offer.

Beginning your English studies at a new school can be very daunting, but our FREE e-Learning course will help you transition into your studies more comfortably. You will be better prepared to enter the rigor of our ESL program.

While many students look at their midterm scores and are shocked by their grade, we give daily progress reports so that students are never blindsided by their grades. Students can check not only their scores but also the comments written by their teachers. These comments pinpoint successes and weaknesses so that the student can better determine how to spend his or her study time for maximum improvement.

Teachers are an incredibly integral part of our program and our students’ success. So, it only makes sense that we would want to choose upstanding teachers who can create a safe space for our students. All of the teachers at Optimus have been screened and fingerprinted.

Language programs often put 15-20 students (or more) in each class. At Optimus, we realize the value of a small class size in facilitating language learning. This is why we limit our classes to a maximum of 8 students, with many of our classes being limited even further to only 4 students.

Classes that run on a monthly basis can make it hard to connect with other students and feel comfortable talking in class. Our quarterly courses, on the other hand, provide ample time to really develop a sense of community within the classroom that makes it easy to focus on improving your own English and helping your classmates improve theirs through frequent and plentiful conversation.

Really low tuition is usually an indicator that the quality of the program will also be really low. High tuition can mean that the school focuses more on profit than on their students’ education. At Optimus, we make sure our students are getting the best value they can by providing them with high-quality teachers and smaller class sizes for less than you would expect to pay in a college ESL program.

Rolling enrollment is the process of enrolling students at any time during the year, regardless of when the current quarter began. It is our policy to have NO rolling enrollment. There are two main reasons why we do not allow rolling enrollment. The first reason is that beginning your studies part of the way through the quarter means you will have missed the information from the previous weeks and will be lacking in those skills. It is difficult to continue on without going over that information, but it isn’t fair to repeat it all in class when other classmates have already learned it. The second reason why we don’t allow rolling enrollment is because we want our students to feel comfortable speaking in class, which can be hard if classmates keep changing or a new person comes in after everyone else has become comfortable conversing with each other.

Many other language programs make conditional acceptance agreements that will allow their students direct acceptance into a college upon completion of the language school’s ESL program. While students often look for these kinds of agreements because they do not want to face the TOEFL score requirements of the colleges they want to attend, conditional acceptance agreements usually become a sort of crutch that allows ESL students to slack off in their studies and set their goals far lower than what they are actually capable of. This means they are often unprepared for the rigor that will be expected of them in a college program. At Optimus, we focus on preparing our students to succeed in pursuing the TOEFL score they need instead of relying on conditional acceptance.

What kind of students we are looking for

We expect our students to take learning English seriously. Optimus Language School upholds the highest classroom standards to ensure the best learning enviroment. There are many students who enroll in a language program solely to keep their F-1 visa status. Those who desire nothing more than that are not a good fit for our program. Students are to maintain high grades and regular attendance, not just for themselves but also for every one of our students who expect nothing but the best.

• Serious about learning English • Attends class only to maintain visa status
• Self-Motivated • Needs constant reminders to get their work done
• Attends class regularly and participates daily • Frequently misses class
• Hardworking • Low to no effort expended
• Looks for every opportunity to practice English • Fails to practice English outside of class
• Uses class time effectively • Low class expectations
• Attentive and asks questions in class • Repeatedly asks for reiteration because of lack of focus
• Maintains good to excellent grades • Constantly receives poor grades and procrastinates
• Understands the value of a quality education • Values a lower price over quality

OLS Guarantee


Guarantee Program

Our ESL courses are guaranteed for students who sign up for one year of classes! Students who register and pay for one year in advance will take the OPIc (Oral Proficiency Interview – Computer) speaking assessment test twice free of charge ($140 total value). This test checks the level of English speaking proficiency by simulating and recording an interview conversation. Students take this test once at the beginning of the program and again at the end of the year to compare scores and see progress. Those students who do not meet the necessary OPIc score will receive one quarter (three months) of additional instruction for free.

Get started with OLS, knowing that you are guaranteed to improve your English skills!

FREE e-Learning Prep Course

We want to make our ESL classes more effective for our students by helping them to learn basic English words and phrases before they begin studying with us. In order to make sure you are set up for success, we offer free prep class to get you ready before you come to the US. You will use our online OLS e-Learning website (www.optimuselearningschool.com) to study 20 lessons (with 20 words or phrases in each lesson) of vocab, verb phrases, and popular American idioms that will make it easier to understand the English you’ll be learning in your ESL class. This prep class is designed to last 4 weeks with one lesson each weekday. At the end of each week, you will take a quiz on that week’s lessons. To encourage you to do your best, students with an average score of 90% or higher on their quizzes will receive free textbooks for their first quarter with us!

*Please click here for Free E-Learning Prep Course Procedures.

What is OPIc?

WHAT IS THE ORAL PROFICIENCY INTERVIEW-COMPUTER (OPIc)? The success of the ACTFL OPI has resulted in increased worldwide demand for valid and reliable testing of oral language proficiency. More and more schools and universities use the interview as an instrument of assessment. More and more commercial enterprises, international organizations, and government agencies recognize the usefulness of the OPI as a reliable tool to determine the linguistic functional capabilities of their personnel. The Oral Proficiency Interview-computer (OPIc) was developed as a computerized tool to deliver and score valid and reliable oral proficiency testing on a large scale. The computer delivered assessment emulates the qualities of the OPI, but handles the delivery of the questions by a carefully designed computer program. An ACTFL OPIc is assigned one of the following ratings: Superior, Advanced High, Advanced Mid, Advanced Low, Intermediate High, Intermediate Mid, Intermediate Low, Novice High, Novice Mid, or Novice Low. The recording of their responses is made available via the Internet to Certified OPIc Raters and is evaluated by raters within a short period of time. Because of the availability of access to the test, speakers can take an OPIc easily, anywhere in the world.

WHAT IS THE ORAL PROFICIENCY INTERVIEW? The ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) is a valid and reliable testing method that measures how well a person speaks a language. It uses a standardized procedure for the global assessment of functional speaking ability, i.e., it measures language production holistically by determining patterns of strengths and weaknesses.

The ACTFL OPI assesses the Interpersonal mode of communication (two-way communication) as described in the Standards for Foreign Language Learning. The OPI assesses language proficiency in terms of a speaker’s ability to use the language effectively and appropriately in real-life situations. It does not address when, where, why, or the way in which a speaker has acquired his/her language. The OPI is not an achievement test assessing a speaker’s acquisition of specific aspects of course and curriculum content, nor is it tied to any specific method of instruction.

The OPI does not compare one individual’s performance to others, but each individual performance to the assessment criteria.

Placement Test

The placement test at OLS takes approximately 3–4 hours to complete and costs $100. If you decide to enroll after taking the placement test, your placement test fee will be credited towards your tuition.


The ESL program at OLS consists of 6 levels, from Basic to Level 5. The final goal of the ESL program is to be able to communicate comfortably in all areas of English, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students will improve grammar and conversational skills. Students take a placement test to determine which level they will start the course at, with each level taking 3 months to complete. At the end of each level, you will need to take the the level test again to see how you've progressed in speaking, listening, and reading. If you have passed satisfactorily, you will move on to the next level. Once you have completed the highest level (Level 5), you will receive a certificate of completion proving that you have completed the ESL program at OLS.

Reading, Writing, Grammar

OLS conducts reading and writing activities at each level. Students will become more familiar with English sentence structure and will be able to read easily and expand their vocabulary through the level-appropriate reading passages. The writing activities will allow you to write your own sentences starting with simple sentences and progressing to formatted essays. In addition, you will learn many English idioms through this process and will be able to use complex grammar rules, which will help you to speak English accurately and more naturally.


OLS offers a variety of thematic and contextual conversation activities to practice speaking and listening skills that are used in real life. All classes focus on conversation between instructors and students. Instructors maximize learning efficiency by giving prompt feedback through constant dialogue with the students and correction of pronunciation and word choice. Through this process, students will practice speaking confidently and gain more listening practice through constant conversation. This is only possible with a small number of students in class, something that OLS is proud to offer.

Course Goals

Basic Goal: Students will begin to communicate basic needs in a variety of real life/survival situations.
Level 1 Goal: Students will begin to develop the necessary language competence needed to successfully function in survival and social environments.
Level 2 Goal: Students will achieve the necessary language competence needed to successfully function in survival and social environments.
Level 3 Goal: Students will begin to develop competence to live and work effectively in the U.S.
Level 4 Goal: Students will develop competence to live and work in the U.S. with some difficulty in order to function in most common environments.
Level 5 Goal: Students will develop competence to live and work in the U.S. with sufficient proficiency in order to function in most common environments.

ESL classes

A class with a 4:1 ratio of students to teachers is the recommended class size at OLS. The shortcut to improve your conversational skills is to practice speaking and listening through repeated interactions. OLS refuses to enroll a large number of people in a class, like many other language schools do, because it makes it difficult to even say one word in class, let alone engage in the kind of repeated interactions that are required to improve your conversation skills. This is why we offer 4:1 ESL classes at an affordable price. (For 4:1 classes, Book Club and Daily Journal programs are available at no extra cost.)

The 8:1 class is for students who want a lower tuition cost but do not want to miss out on the style and efficiency of learning English in a class of limited size. The ESL program offered in our 8:1 allows students to focus on conversational English, which is still much more efficient than classes in other schools, although it is less intensive than the 4:1 class.


Students can apply for additional classes at OLS for further study. (Cost not included in regular tuition.)


The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is an academically-focused test used by colleges and employers all around the world to ensure that your level of English proficiency meets their standards. Our TOEFL classes can help you to achieve the speaking, listening, reading, and writing scores you need by providing you with useful test-taking tips specific to the format and scoring of the TOEFL test. We can identify your weaknesses and help you develop a study plan customized to your needs.

Daily Journal Writing

To improve your grammar and writing skills, you can write a daily journal entry in English and 1:1 proofreading and feedback will be given. It is the most efficient program to improve intensive composition skills in a short period of time.

Book Club session

Every week or every other week (depending on reading level), you will read a book from OLS's program, write your comments on given questions, and present and discuss the book through a book club meeting. This work will increase your ability to understand English texts and to organize and express your thoughts in English.

TED Talks

TED Talks are video lectures, based on a wide variety of interesting topics, in which people from all walks of life share their knowledge and experience through a short lecture. These videos are shared online for free. At OLS, we organize discussions of these lectures to provide detailed explanations to help students understand and communicate about them. Through these discussions, students can improve their listening skills, increase their vocabulary, and develop their speaking skills to a higher level.

Private Class

This class option offers a one-to-one ratio between the student and instructor. If you are interested in this type of class, please ask for more details.

"We have a lot of opportunities to speak English."

Shin Hye T.

Culture Week

Once a quarter, either during Midterm week or Culture week, we feature guest speakers who talk to students about their professions and how English is a part of their everyday work. They also give insight into the way American culture affects their lives. Sometimes these speakers come to OLS, and sometimes we are able to visit them on location and get a tour of their workplaces. Some examples of speakers we feature are bankers, chefs, physicians, hair stylists and self-employed entrepreneurs.

Culture Week is an important part of each quarter. While you will take tests throughout the quarter on what you have been learning, Culture Week is the real-life test at the end of the quarter to see if you can function in normal everyday situations outside of the classroom. You will gain authentic speaking and listening experience through a discussion of American media and pop culture as well as personal experience garnered from guided field trips, all with the same small-group ratio that is enjoyed in class. Some past field trips have included live performances at local theaters as well as visits to the Brea Community Center, the Richard Nixon Library, California State University (Fullerton), and the Orange County Fair.


The ESL program at OLS includes English conversation (speaking and listening), writing and grammar, and reading. It consists of 4 hours a day, Monday to Friday, to make up 20 hours a week. There are a total of 240 hours of class per quarter, and all courses at OLS are conducted on a quarterly basis. Classes begin on the first Monday of each quarter (January, April, July, and October).

Admission and enrollment must be completed no later than 4 weeks before the start of the quarter.
Classes begin on the first Monday of each quarter (January, April, July, and October).

Time Program Learning Module
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM ESL Integrated Skills
Reading Comprehension
Writing and Grammar
Conversation Skills
Daily Journal Write Daily Journals
Receive Corrections
Daily Book Club Read Throughout the Week
Comprehension Questions
Jan 1New Year's DayClosed
Jan 2First Day of Quarter
Jan 15Martin Luther King Jr. DayOpen
Feb 12Lincoln DayOpen
Feb 19President's DayClosed
Mar 23Last Day of Quarter
Apr 2First Day of Quarter
May 28Memorial DayClosed
Jun 22Last Day of Quarter
Jul 2First Day of Quarter
Jul 4Independence DayClosed
Sep 3Labor DayClosed
Sep 21Last Day of Quarter
Oct 1First Day of Quarter
Oct 8Columbus DayOpen
Nov 12Veteran's Day ObservedOpen
Nov 22Thanksgiving BreakClosed
Nov 23Thanksgiving BreakClosed
Dec 21Last Day of Quarter
Dec 25ChristmasClosed